Despite one major gaffe, much ado about nothing in the fears of Trump taking over the Fourth of July…

UPDATE: As I mentioned in in the first draft of this blog post I did not listen live to Trump’s Fourth of July speech. But this morning (July 5) I heard some of it and at first I thought I heard it wrong. He talked of Gen. George Washington leading his troops in the crossing the Delaware and…taking over the AIRPORTS. Seems like a good strategic move but of course there were no airplanes nor airports in 1776, not even hot air balloons, as were used in the American Civil War. It was apparent he was simply reading a speech and had just misspoke. But he did not correct it or even notice it probably. Trump of course has no use for accuracy nor history. There were some other flubs in the speech too. But still below I contend it seems all the fuss before his personally planned and Trump personalized Fourth of July Spectacular was perhaps overblown.


So Trump had his July 4 extravaganza featuring him and tanks.

In the end it appears all the concerns and complaints about using the nation’s birthday and the military to glorify himself and to run for re-election was much ado about nothing.

Yeah he wasted some money that should have gone to the parks and military preparedness or back into the taxpayers’ wallets, but much of that money may have well been misused anyway, and being the president does get one privileges.

I did not listen to his speech but read a summary of it and it was apparently devoid of the usual name calling and accusations of disloyalty and criticism of journalists who fail to praise him and concentrate too much on the facts or fact finding.

Also read there was at least one flag burning incident. That does not sit well with me even if the Supreme Court has ruled it is protected speech. It’s disrespectful and bad manners I would say and is darn near tantamount to treason. But we have a lot of freedom in this nation and that is what the Fourth is all about, a celebration of freedom.

There are a lot of things to despair about Trump for but the Fourth of July celebration appears to not be one.

His opponents need to concentrate on the important stuff.

Somehow complaining about a Fourth of July celebration done the president’s way does not seem effective to me.

I guess Trump wanted one of those military parades with goose stepping soldiers (except ours don’t march that way) and tanks and rockets and such but had to settle for stationary tanks and no military parade due to costs and the fact the streets could not support heavy armor.

He missed or passed up his opportunity to play soldier and apparently wants to make up for it.

So he had his day. Hopefully a good time was had by all.

I’m on the West Coast so while I write this on the night of July 4 it is all over elsewhere. I’m just getting ready to watch the fireworks.

I love the USA!

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