Do some Republicans not so secretly wish for Democrat Joe Biden?

It seems that many in the self-described rightwing media are obsessed that the Democratic Party is committing suicide in the race for the presidency by going too far to the left and by nearly all of the 20 or more candidates promising free health care for illegal aliens (while the rest of us pay for it one way or the other), that there will be essentially no restrictions on abortion, and that the government will eventually take over all health care with private insurance falling by the wayside (some see the private sector hanging on I guess to offer supplemental coverage).

I’m not sure why they are obsessed. They may be trying to rally the troops behind the right-wing cause (whatever that really is) or perhaps they are truly worried that the Democrats will fail to offer a credible candidate to go up against Trump.

Now for the Trump-is-our-man-because-he-says-and-does (rude and thoughtless, vulgar and selfish and racist and bigoted ) things-we-cannot crowd, the Dems committing suicide would see happy news.

But there are some on the right or some in the Republican Party (which has become synonymous with the term right wing in politics) who just might wish the Dems could come up with decent competition.

Just read that stalwart Trump supporter (sycophant) Sen. Lindsey Graham differs with Trump on climate change. He believes that instead of denying it, the Republicans need to acknowledge it and then get out in front of what to do about it so that whatever that is it will work to their advantage, rather than facing draconian restrictions that might severely affect business, industry. As the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board indicates — doing something about climate change may be important but we just can’t afford it at this time — maybe down the road.

(The ever so special Lindsey is an interesting case. Not so long ago he was describing Trump as nutty, well I guess that was before the election. Since then Lindsey is mostly on his side. He knows where the power is. But deep inside he also knows the truth as we all do. The emperor has no clothes. But the Republicans in government are obliged to follow in order to hold onto their own power — they were responsible for putting Trump in the White House after all).

As I have noted in this space many times now, it is hard to argue with a healthy national economy. While I hear daily reports about ups and downs and trends and predictions, it seems overall the economy is going along like gangbusters — but as we all know that can change rapidly and quite unexpectedly.

However, I must confess that within the last four years I have sure seen more help wanted signs in windows or on the sides of buildings than I have ever seen in my whole 69 years. When I was a teenager and in my 20s you were more likely to see “No help wanted” or “No applications accepted”. Of course people who really want to work and are not terribly picky usually get past all that.

But also like I have said I think it would be possible to have just as robust an economy with jobs all around without the terror and shame that is Trump. I realize anyone reading this who kind of likes Trump will not understand what I mean. So I am not writing for you. I am writing for those with some amount of decency and character and who have some interest beyond their own selves. A little grasp of culture and history would not hurt either.

The economy was already recovering from the Great Recession that occurred during the George W. Bush terms (not necessarily his fault) during the Obama years. Bush, our first MBA degreed president, did the only thing he could think of, he bailed out the big banks and investment outfits who basically got us there in the first place by throwing caution to the wind because Greed is Good. They were aided and abetted, though, by a populace drunk on the draw of making money out of nothing — buying and selling houses without money but somehow making money in the process, and putting everything on credit — with a credit card or better yet, several credit cards, you too can live like the rich and famous, without being rich or famous.

But I think Trump did do something to spur the economy. He created the promise that onerous environmental and safety restrictions would be lifted off of industry — and he and his administration are doing what they can to fulfill that promise. He also promised that he would bring back the jobs to our shores. He has not been as successful at that. Business is business, not a charity. It usually seeks cheaper labor. In fact, his trade war with China has simply shifted some production to Vietnam (you remember, where 60,000 of our soldiers died, with thousands more terribly wounded). I think Trump has found that he can’t turn back the reality of the global market. He can mess it up. Even so, Trump has created a climate in which businesses may feel more comfortable to expand within the borders of the U.S. And a government should do that.

About the help-wanted signs too. There are things going on in society. Have I read this or is it mostly my own observation? I mean we have the baby boomers retiring (me, except I still work, that is my retirement for now) and at the same time we seem to have this phenomenon that not all young people hit the job market after high school. They don’t even all go to college. Some just hang out. That may account for some of the labor shortages in some sectors. And we can’t forget the opioid epidemic that seems to have eroded the work force. No wonder people cross the border for jobs. If you don’t want them, they do.

All or most of that is just speculation on my part admittedly.

I really have no all-around conclusion to all this. I would like to see the Democratic Party put up a credible middle-of-the-road candidate. Yes, Joe Biden is supposed to be that candidate. I am not so sure but what that his time has passed. He has gone to the well more than once. But for some reason I get the idea that a lot of Republicans wished he would make it — like, “please Joe, save us from the Frankenstein we created”.




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