Forget the Mueller book and TV show, save a smoking gun, the ballot box is the key…

As almost everyone else, I have not read the 448-page Mueller Report. But I’ve seen the TV show and it is boring (Wednesday’s, 7-24-19, televised hearings). Questions from Democrats and Republicans that often were more political statements than questions, and a muddled response from Special Council Robert Mueller, who seemed addled at times, is what the public was presented.

A lot has come out of his inquiry in the Russian investigation and people have gone to jail. We cannot forget that. And Trump skates even though evidence indicates he was right in there with them. Being the president does seem to insolate one.

And what is this silly argument over whether his report exonerated or did not exonerate the president? That question seems subjective. I mean that was not his job. He was supposed to come up with the facts. Now it would seem that had he really thought there was enough evidence to convict he would have suggested prosecution. He claims to be working under a rule (not a law) that says no sitting president can be indicted. Well fine, wait till he is out of office I guess (although that would set a scary precedent and make us look like a banana republic). Also the congress still has the power to impeach. Right now it is divided, with the Democrats holding the U.S. House of Representatives and the Republicans the U.S. Senate. The house could impeach Trump (which does not mean removal) but the senate is afraid of Trump and will not convict him (which would mean removal). And maybe that is the way it should be. If it were too easy for a congress to remove a president then each party would remove each other’s successful nominees. Richard Nixon was so badly embarrassing that his own party would not save him.

We know who Trump is. We know he has dealings with our enemies. We know he has terrible manners. We know he is doing terrible things to the reputation of our country. And we all know that he is destroying environmental and work safety measures and wants to do away with the health care law (with no alternative).

We even know he tried to obstruct justice, or at least that is what most would call his actions.

But without a smoking gun — such as the Nixon tapes — he’s not going anywhere.

The only foreseeable way at this juncture to defeat Trump is at the ballot box.

And the only way I see that the Democratic Party will beat him there is to put up a candidate who catches the imagination and enthusiasm of the voters.

Hillary Clinton got way more votes but she lost in the Electoral College. And some expert observers are seeing that scenario likely again.

She also lost because she could not get some usually loyal Democrats out to vote for her in key states.

Remember poor Al Gore? He got more votes too but he could not get his own state in the Electoral College. Some say he ran a lackluster campaign. You really do have to give it your all.

Lesson for Democratic presidential hopefuls: your own party has to really be enthusiastic about you and you need to be able to capture swing voters or even dissatisfied Republican voters and new voters.

The idea that the Democrats could put up a ham sandwich and defeat Trump I think is not likely correct unless between now and election he does something so gawd awful that his supporters turn their backs on him. And what the heck would that be?

Americans historically don’t go for extremes on the right or left. Trump is an extreme but not on the right or left really. Besides being a pathological liar, he’s an outlier. He is in a category all of his own as to ideology — well maybe close to a fascist in the Benito Mussolini style, with traces of Hitler, which to me is really a lack of ideology and just a thirst for power. The uber nationalists and racists and bigots in a society feed off that thirst and hapless others are caught up in the wave.

Hillary’s husband Bill of course was elected president, two times. He and Hillary are neither extreme left or right — middle of the road. Remember? He was going to be the leader of a new Democratic Party. And Hillary was going to carry on the tradition. But she was not Bill — she lacked that certain something — personality, that is to say something that seemed a genuine personality. Bill at least knew how to fake it. I was always astounded at how so many Republicans seemed to respect him, even if they opposed him politically.

The smoking gun could conceivably emerge in the Trump affair, but it seems doubtful. And one wonders if even it would change things.

Yeah, I think for their sake, the country’s sake?the Democrats need to not let Trump run their agenda. They need to talk about themselves and what they can do for us.

Even though Trump seems invincible at times, I have to think that there are a whole lot of Republicans and others out there who just want an excuse to vote for the Democratic nominee. But they need that excuse.


As to the Russians meddling in our elections through manipulation of public information on the internet, that is of course serious. However, I am not sure how you keep people from only seeing and hearing what they want to believe and to be more discriminating in their searches of what passes for news. But my major concern is that our actual voting mechanisms are secure and I fear that they are not. All the Trump scandal and confusion is taking our eyes off the ball.


The Senate Intelligence Committee reports that the Russians have targeted our elections apparatis in all 50 states. No reports of actual votes being changed. This according to the NY Times.






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