Joe Biden holds his own among withering fire…

Health care was the lead topic and took up the most time I believe in Wednesday evening’s (7-31-19) Democratic Party presidential candidate debate in Detroit. It was apparent that the candidates felt that is a number one issue among the voters, although it was the CNN moderator who posed the questions.

But I want to right up front mention too that Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii said she was against the Trans Pacific trade deal because it takes away U.S. sovereignty and American jobs. But she would not keep the Trump tariffs because there is no coherent plan and they have done harm.

Biden is for international trade deals with some changes, he says.

I am making this kind of a sub-lead simply because I have always been wary of international trade deals and whose interest they are in.

And as I am writing this as the Democratic debate, part two, continues.

So far the real lead I suppose should be that Joe Biden seems to be holding his own while being constantly attacked by the others. He’s standing up to withering fire as it were.

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris of California is strident. In fact her and Biden took over the debate for almost all of the first half hour as if no one else (the eight others) was there.

It finally opened up and almost everyone has had their shot and surprisingly it seems all have done well. The weakest maybe is Kirsten Gillibrand, U.S. Senator, New York. Not her fault, just the way things fall. So with my record in political prognostication, she’ll wind up president.

Overall, so far — I wished it was over — Biden seems to be holding his own and stands out as the experienced leader or old hand on the national stage– he was after all vice president, although like one old boy said a long time ago — that job is not worth a warm bucket of spit.

Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington State bragged on his state’s progress in health care and climate change and paying teachers and so on. He sort of looks like a cross between the late Barry Goldwater and Drew Carey.

Gabbard was the first to call for ending the war in Afghanistan. And she served in the armed forces there. She has good ideas and makes sense but a little thin on a campaign or recognition.

Inslee said he was a young congressman when he realized that George W. Bush was fanning the flames of war in Iraq and that he voted against it.

Most of the candidates supported some form of government-sponsored health care, the argument being whether it would result or should result in the demise of private or employer-sponsored health insurance. Biden in particular wanted to protect employer-health care wile offering a public option in the so-called Obamacare, as had been an original idea.

Well my feed on the debate went off. Just as well. You can only listen to so much.

We’ll see tomorrow or right after the debate who the pundits think won or who scored best.

My money (well not really money) is on Biden, Harris is a close second. Inslee makes a lot of sense but he is a little behind in name recognition.

Not sure how Harris plays to middle America. And she seemed a bit nervous at times, but she did not let up.

Biden the old man in the game showed plenty of vigor.

At this point, and of course it is way early, I see the major contenders (from both of the split debates, ten candidates each), as Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Harris, not necessarily in that order, except Biden first — and I am not necessarily partial to him. Just seems like he would sell better across the board — maybe not. The country is changing in demographics. And it always depends upon who votes and who passes up their opportunity to do so, especially in the general election.

With President Trump’s continuing outrages, including open racism, I am beginning to believe he is quite beatable, unless the Democratic Party lurches too far to the left. Biden leans a little left, while trying hard to maintain the centrist approach, and Harris is left leaning but careful — she can be a bit of a chameleon at times, apparently her strategy for political survival. I could see a Biden/Harris ticket — not the other way around. Biden already did that job. And maybe Harris would not want it. She is too ambitious and young enough to wait for the next time making her bones as senator in the meantime.



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