New foreign policy: U.S. only supports those who helped it in World War 2 …

On it’s face President Trump’s “bizarre” assertion, as it is being called, that the Kurds did not help us in World War II means that we can abandon them as an ally now even though they helped us fight ISIS is unfathomable. It’s like some weird non sequitur.

First of all, if that is the measure of who we keep faith with then I guess we better drop relations with Japan and Germany. They were definitely not on our side in World War II. Spain under the dictator Franco was officially neutral but partial to our enemy Germany, so drop that nation as an ally too. And so on. I mean World War II ended more than 70 years ago — a lot has changed since then.

Trump adds that “they (the Kurds) are fighting for their land”. Since when is that a bad thing? What has that got to do with the fact that the Kurds have backed up the U.S. in fighting ISIS is Syria? At a whim, Trump has decided to abandon the Kurds and leave them to their enemy the Turks.

Now the assertion by Trump that we (the U.S.) have been in the Middle East too long and we need to finally say enough is enough may indeed have some merit. So what has he been waiting for these past almost three years? One wonders if he did not make his rash move, that has even provoked objection from his reliable Republican sycophants, as a distraction from the impeachment mess he has gotten himself into.

While I am relatively sure Trump has no sense of history whatsoever, I have to admit I need to read up on the history of the Kurds (who do not have an actual nation state of their own) — but even if I become an expert (which I will not) it still has little to nothing to do with what our policy ought to be toward the Kurds who have shed blood for us in fighting Muslim extremists who have directly and indirectly threatened the United States.

The Turkish government has a beef with the Kurds because of their quest for an autonomous state that would encroach upon Turkey. And now that Trump has pulled U.S. troops out of Syria Turkish forces are attacking the Kurds. Trump has said that they should not do that but of course he had to know that they would, and I would imagine he can’t do a thing about it.

Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds puts the whole world on notice that the word of the U.S. means nothing. That’s going to be a problem when we need backup. And we will.

I’ll be interested to see how this plays out and, yes, do some research on the Kurds.

On the other hand, scaling back our far-flung wars that seem to go on and on — George W. Bush I think said something to the effect that the war on terror, as he called it, would be endless — sounds better than endless war.

But there has to be order and sound policy and we should not ruin our honor and good name in the world, that is what’s left after almost three years of Trump.

It may be that as a certified rich boy draft dodger for Viet Nam (fake medical diagnosis) he is ashamed to face parents of those killed in our foreign wars now. He said in a speech he saw the pain in their eyes.

So calling off our wars might be the one good thing he could do.

Meanwhile, though, he is leaving our foreign policy in a shambles. And with all that is going on in the current impeachment process, that he has for the most part created himself by his flagrant disregard for norms of behavior and laws, we are in a constitutional crisis.`Well as far as foreign policy goes, there seems to be none, except what the grand master tweets each day or night or spouts off the cuff. The impeachment thing is basically political because impeachment is a political tool essentially that the framers inserted into the constitution to balance power between the legislative and executive, as well as judicial branch of government. It is also a protection against a president who simply runs amok.

But it will only be successful if the majority of the American people seem to support it, as it should be. Polls now seem to indicate they do. And of course impeachment is a confusing word because it conjures up removal, but that can only happen if the congress votes to impeach and then the president (or whoever is being impeached) is found guilty in a trial by the senate, which up until now has seemed unlikely what with Republican control and Republicans here to now being afraid to speak out against the president (they are not brave people most of them it seems).

I continue to like the sound of pulling back our forces. On the other hand what is the purpose of our forces if they cannot be used? We are supposed to be a world power. We will cease to be if we are seen as unwilling to use force to back up our policies.

It is always a dilemma. It calls for brave and wise leadership. We have not had that in some time, even though Trump proclaims himself to be that.


Hillary Clinton and/or her supporters and even her opponents seem to be dropping hints or suggesting outright that she might run again. I’m not sure that is such a good idea.

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