Maybe Trump should have been president during Vietnam…

President trump should be impeached but not necessaily removed from office, the people can take care of that in the election of 2020. Or not.

It is concerning that someone such as he who exibits some traits of a mad man or at least a spoiled child and a bully has the power of launching a nuclear attack unilatterally. But perhaps he is not so inclined to war, and that may be his one good trait.

It seemed odd that he just suddenly threw the Kurds, who have done the heavy lifting for the U.S., fighting the ISIS terrorist forces, to the wolves, or I should say their enemies the Turks, and is withdrawing from Syria…but adding troops to Saudi Arabia. But his view that we should extricate ourselves from the mid east wars seems, in general, good.

But I have to ask why is he just now doing this?

And I have to ask why is he betraying our Kurdish allies and our own soldiers and ceding all to the dictator in Turkey, the dictator in Syria, and the dictator in Russia? Oh, and the ayatollah in Iran.

The big one is Russia. It was our arch enemy the Soviet Union but now as Russia it seems just as big of an enemy, except Trump has a man crush on Putin of Russia.

I still wonder if Trump is the Manchurian candidate. Seriously.

But save for the danger that Trump will go completely off the rails and order a nuclear strike (and against who?), the most practical and legitimate way to remove Trump is by election.

The U.S. is in a difficult position in that we are a super power but not like the powers of old which sought to own and rule the world. But I guess power can atrophy if not used from time to time.

The devil is figuring out when and how.

Too bad, though, Trump was not president, say in 1968 or before. President Johnson knew Vietnam was hopeless but ironically pushed us deeper and deeper into the deadly morass. Nixon came along with the “secret plan” to end the war. There was no plan or it did not work, except to get him elected. Thousands more American lives were sacrificed in order that Nixon might save face. Eventually almost 60,000 American soldiers died in a war in which no one quite knew the point of.

After a decade of fighting pointless battles we just up and quit and pulled up stakes and left with desperate South Vietnamese hanging onto helipcopter skids lest the communist forces grab them. It was not the old-time kind of war that could be clearly won or lost, well except we lost by default. We quit.

Trump, who just does things on a whim and without conscience might have just abruptly ended U.S. involvement and saved lives.

I think that the notion that “we have to fight them over there before they come over here” is something between absurd and impractical.

We have to choose our battles and have a clear purpose. Fighting in Vietnam or fighting in Syria is not fighting for your country, directly anyway. It’s more like fighting for Dow Chemical and the whole military industrial complex that profits from endless war.

(While not honorable, Trump made a wise decision by evading the Vietnam draft.)


Note: I’m down to using my phone for posting this, my laptop being at least tempoarily out of commision. And I am not a two-thumb texter. The advantage is that it makes me be a little less wordy and hopefully more concise.

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