Abolish or adjust electoral college, vote for a moderate…

What we have been facing in the United States for going on four years is a dictatorship of the minority in the name of Donald Trump.

He apparently quite legally won the presidency while decisively losing the popular vote by, I guess they call it, running the board in the electoral college, a quirk in our constitution.

(Hillary Clinton received about 3 million more votes than Trump, but Donald Trump bested her with 304 electoral votes to Clinton’s 227.)

Trump and his campaign officials have to get some credit for that. Even if the Russians had a hand in it by injecting propaganda via false accounts on the internet, he still won legally. One can hardly claim an election is not legal because some skulduggery took place in the promotion of a candidate. Now if actual votes were tampered with that of course is a totally different matter.

And here’s something, all that urging folks to get out and vote has its consequences. They may be misinformed or ignorant, naturally so or simply by choice. Their votes count the same, or maybe not. When the votes are clustered geographically they can create a win in the winner-take-all state-by-state vote for electors in the electoral college.

I think the electoral college needs to be rethought. It might take a constitutional amendment or simply states on their own to adjust how votes are counted. They could decide that electors apportion the votes based on the popular vote.

I won’t waste time here listing the ills of Trump. If you can’t see that he is clueless, if maybe full of dumb luck at times, then anything I write will not likely convince you otherwise.

But I for one think the alternative to Trump ought to be a return to bipartisanship and a return to normalcy.

But the candidate and president who used that return to normalcy slogan was Republican Warren G. Harding. It was in his administration that the Teapot Dome scandal occured. It involved improper or illegal leasing of government military oil reserves. Fortunately for Harding, one could say, he died in office before that scandal and several others came to light.

Normalcy or normality in Washington probably always includes a little scandal. Even the pios Jimmy Carter suffered from it. Remember his banker friend Bert Lance.

What we don’t need are extremes. I’d prefer a moderate. Think Amy Klobuchar. Think Pete Buttigieg (well moderate in politics).

If Donald Trump wins reection after all the misbehavior and antics and the selling our allies down the river in favor of our enemies or rivals, the Democratic Party will have some soul searching to do.

This time around it might concentrate on appealling to the masses rather than the concentrated wealth. The high rollers will be quite capable of taking care of themselves, and I do not begrudge them for it.

On that last point, I tend to believe a weath tax is not a sound concept. Punishing anyone for being wise with their money is unfair and would tend to discourage the accumulation of capital that is needed for investment to keep the economy going. Even if an heir sits on his money and is idle, it likely is earning interest from an institution or institutions that in turn use that capital to loan out in investment.

Ok, economics and finance is not my suit, but I think I have that correct.


I realize that not everyone’s idea of a return to the normal is the same. Trump supporters seemed to be calling for a return to normal by proclaiming the slogan “make America great again”. The idea I suppose was to preserve what had been the status quo in society but was being chipped away at by changes coming under the heading of civil rights and gender rights and equality. Or it could be it was just an empty saying or at least not clearly defined. I think it probably was jingoism. The Democrats can only wish they had come up with a jingle as effective.

If Trump or his advisors think Trump’s name has been tarnished they could take a clue from the Richard Nixon playbook. His name had been sullied so he won reelection in a landslide by avoiding his own name and simply calling for voters to “reelect the president”.

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