Twenty years wait on 9/11 trial is absurd…

Are you serious!!?? Twenty years since 9/11 and defendants accused of taking part in the planning for the attack have yet to go to trial?

And the latest report is a trial is another year off??!!

This is a shameful farce. It is so absurd that it’s obscene.

I suppose if the plan is to give these guys essentially a life sentence without a conviction, well that’s being done.

But there needs to be justice, as in try them, and then hang ’em.

Gen. Tojo of Japan and some of his gang were hanged three years after World WAR II, and several of the German Nazi leaders who didn’t kill themselves first met the noose only a year after the war.

Osama Bin Laden, leader behind 9/11, was found ten years after and, by most accounts, summarily executed by commandos.

(Stories vary, but it seems that they barged in and shot him, what resistance he put up, if any, unknown, except to the commandos, and their individual accounts differ.)

The only thing that can explain why 20 years after the fact the 9/11 defendants have not gone to trial is government incompetence and a dysfunctional legal system that affords more protections to suspected terrorists than U.S. citizens.

If any are not proven guilty, let them go.

I say: try them now, and unless they can present a believable defense that we have the wrong people, hang them. I know, the burden is supposed to be on the prosecution in our system, but same difference.

Justice delayed is justice denied, and I’m thinking about justice for the loved ones among the 3,000 killed, and all the wounded and all of our nation.


And I generally do not support the death penalty, but who can weep for these wretched creatures? They need to be sent to meet Allah.

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