About Tony Walther’s Weblog…

picture019This blog is what I want it to be about. For the most part I write about current public issues and sometimes I tie them in with my own personal experiences. Other times I write about my own life and health.  I spent about half my working life as a newspaper reporter (save a few months as a radio station reporter) on relatively small daily newspapers and weekly newspapers and the other half as a truck driver, along with three years in the Army. I’ve also done some other types of work. For a time I was not able to work because I have what appears to be a treatable, but incurable type of cancer, known as Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia — I write about WM occasionally as well. I am currently working as a truck driver, but not sure how long I will be able to continue. Comments are welcome.

3 Responses to About Tony Walther’s Weblog…

  1. Lynn Hill says:

    Dear Tony,
    My husband was dx with waldenstrom’s in dec, from
    routine labs. Like you he is 58yrs. old. He has had
    3 of 6 chemo treatments so far. I cannot find anyone
    to talk to about this form of cancer. The dr. does not
    even have any other patients with it at this time.
    I would appreciate any input you have on it.
    Thank you for your time

  2. Tony Walther says:

    Pretty much what I have written in my blogs about WM is all that I know — but I would say that if you or a loved one has it, the key is to get as much info (from the web, primarily, I suppose) as you can and not depend entirely upon the doctors. Not nearly enough is known about this rare condition and often the doctors are making guesses themselves, albeit educated ones (we hope). One of my previous doctors wanted me to go on another round of chemo. I declined and immediately got better. Something inside me told me that I did not need that chemo at this time.

  3. Patricia Savely says:

    Hello Tony,
    I care for my mom who has WM, I am curious do you have neuropathy because of WM? You are so right there is not enough information on this disease and I can definitely go on as I do have a lot of questions. I did see a show on Netflix called Diagnosis I think show #7 about a gentleman who had WM and seemed to have some similar symptoms.
    Basically my concern is my mom is 84 treated with immunotherapy and all her numbers are great on paper she is perfect but feels horrible.
    Just venting and looking for others with this to read there symptoms etc.
    Thanks for reading this and sorry I rambled on.

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