Troops in the field used as blackmail by both parties…

April 7, 2011

UPDATE (4/8/11):

So I just read that Sec. of Defense Robert Gates says that troop pay may be delayed. The story also seemed to say that he said if the shutdown lasted long enough, they might lose a month’s pay. I hope I misunderstood. In no way could they cheat troops out of their pay, I would hope. But even if it is just a delay, I think citizens should call for impeachment, recall, or resignations of all in power who let this happen, from the president, his cabinet, and through the congress.

In reality those in power today, Republican and Democrat alike, do not in any way understand the plight of the common citizen, and what is more, they don’t  care.

While there is a true battle of ideology going on, and while it is healthy to have such debates in our democracy, there seems not enough statesmen to stand up and say that we at least have to keep the government functioning. I presume many are afraid of saying the wrong thing and losing votes and winding up with the rest of us.

UPDATE (4/7/11):

What I wrote below is not meant to be that “you don’t support the troops”  gimmick the Republicans and others use as a kind of blackmail  based on a disingenuous reasoning solely to force the opposition to go along with a certain policy (if you vote against us, you are voting against supplying ammunition to the troops in the field). But sure enough, I see today that the Republicans are once again claiming that if President Obama vetoes a Republican stop-gap federal budget measure which happens to include language to cut social programs, he is not supporting the troops, because a government shutdown could lead to troop pay being delayed. It is just as shameful to use troops as a political football or device for blackmail as to withhold their pay. To be fair, as I mentioned below, the other side, Obama, et al., uses this shameful device too. But again today, lack of time, prevents me from going further on the budget issue.


I don’t  at this moment have the time to write anything at all coherent about the current federal budget impasse, except this:

Just read a story that said the Obama administration has warned that a government shutdown could delay payment to the armed forces.

To me, and I would hope most Americans, that is simply unacceptable.

And if this happens, all who are culpable in making this happen, Republican and Democrat, should face the wrath of the voters.

Shame on any government that would not pay (or delay pay to) its troops! To even think of letting it happen is a disgrace!

I know that the pay to troops was delayed at least once in my lifetime, and probably only amounted to an inconvenience for the most part, but if there is any money to be had for anyone, the armed forces, especially the troops in the field, deserve it the most.

Every legislator worth his or her salt should have already stood up and said this will not happen. And if the president has any power to make an executive order then he should simply make one that the troops will be paid.

In fact, I am going to email my congressman and senators and call for withholding of pay to troops not to happen.


Will congress deprive itself of pay?

P.s. P.s.

And I did email my congressman and my senators.