Outsourcing is unpatriotic and borders on treason…

September 13, 2010

If I had my way, American companies would not be allowed to outsource employment or at the very least would be forced to pay a penalty for doing so, in which case they no doubt would not outsource — that would take care of that.

It seems unconscionable to me with the unemployment rate so high and the worst recession in decades that we allow outsourcing to take place.

I found it particularly irritating the other day when I received a cell phone call while on the job (I’m a truck driver — don’t worry I’m hands free; I use blue tooth technology, for my phone that is) telling me that I was past due on my cable TV bill and that is why my service was shut off. First I had just sent off the astronomical payment (I thought on time) in the mail, and second of all I could not clearly understand the representative on the other end of the line. I asked him if he spoke English. He did not respond to that question. I asked him where he was calling from. Several times he did not answer that question. Finally he said he was calling from Mexico City. Millions of U.S. citizens out of work and our companies are hiring folks in Mexico.

I’m not concerned that my cable was shut off — I’m hardly home anyway and my dear late wife is not there to watch TV either. But if I was to need cable TV I’d like to boycott that outfit, but there is only one cable outfit in my area to choose from and I found Dish not to be so great either and besides I suppose they all outsource.

Maybe there is something I am missing in all of this, but I truly think it is unpatriotic, bordering on treasonous to outsource.

The enterprises that outsource jobs that should be going to U.S. citizens gain from the protections of the federal government, to include an armed forces whose members give their lives in the name of the defense of America (the efficacy of our war policies notwithstanding) and a court system that reliably stands behind big business the largest percentage of the time.

And none of us should complain if we had to pay a slightly higher cost for goods and services by hiring U.S. citizens. That is what it takes to promote and maintain a higher standard of living.


On my just previous post I referred readers to my transport blog and in that blog’s original version I inadvertently used the word vertically when I really meant truck trailers were slid horizontally onto train cars. That’s one of those mistakes that occurred to me as I was driving down the road and could not get to my computer. When I worked for newspapers those mistakes came to me in the middle of the night, and you can’t unprint a newspaper story.

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