Sometimes Gene Burns just says things … or the (polar) bear facts

February 25, 2010

Haven’t listened to Gene Burns on KGO Radio (SF) in a long time, until last night. Even then I couldn’t get good reception because of my poor quality radio in my truck, but I did clearly hear him say an obviously inaccurate remark. In a discussion about a killer whale killing a handler at a marine park in Florida he made the off-the-cuff remark that as far as he knew there are no Polar Bears in captivity — they’re just too dangerous. Well, maybe I should not have said that the remark was inaccurate — he did say as far as he knew.

But sheesh Gene, according to the internet there is at least one at the San Francisco zoo. I seem to recall seeing polar bears there over the years myself. I think I also have seen them at other zoos, such as Sacramento and Fresno, although I am not sure of that.

But at any rate, here is a commentator on a powerful (50,000 watts) radio station in San Francisco, and he damages his own creditability with a silly remark like that. It makes one wonder if he is so casual when he remarks on and analyzes the news and political issues of the day.

Maybe you ought to take a trip out to the zoo Mr. Burns.