So just how long is a computer update supposed to take? And troubles with Sony VIO and AT&T sim card…

August 14, 2010

I just need to get his off my chest and while the computer will let me.

I had ample time — well at least enough — to blog Yesterday (Friday) but my computer would not let me. Just as I got the thing warmed up it quit functioning and then told me not to power off, that it was updating 1 of 2 — well how long does it take to update 1 of 2? I mean I kept the thing on — me not using it — for at least eight hours. Most of that time I was driving an 18-wheeler down the highway.  I had started to use it when I was waiting on the unload of my truck, which took about three hours. When I finally got to my last stop, marking the end of the day, it was still in my sleeper updating away. In frustration I turned it off — sometimes it won’t even let me do that.

The other day it told me it was updating 1 of  1. This took at least 9 hours and it still was not done. I turned it off eventually and later when I turned it back on again it told me it had failed to update. And I might add, I never asked for an update.

That time I just spoke of I called the place where I bought it — Best Buy — and asked them about the problem. The lady on the phone said she had no idea. She said I’d have to bring the computer in and let the “geeks” look at it. Adopting my mother’s style I told her: “well you aren’t any help”. Like I had time to bring the thing in.

Now don’t get me wrong. I got this computer as a Christmas gift and when it works — I love it!

Another thing I have a problem with from time to time is the sim card, which allows me to be mobile. I use a DSL line through my landline telephone service when I’m at home, and have had little to no problem with it.

I’m running a Sony VIO notebook computer. It can be quite fast and it can be quite slow at times. I’m also using a sim card from AT&T right now. Sometimes it works well, sometimes not so well, and sometimes not at all. I don’t find it terribly reliable.

When I was having trouble with my sim card I called AT&T and was on the phone with a guy for more than an hour. He had me take the thing apart and then cut me off. I later put it back together and then it really didn’t work. later I discovered I put it together backwards (there was really only two pieces).

As you can gather, I know little about the technology of computers. Mostly I just like to use them to write (to include my blogging) and to have access to the world wide web, especially the news.

Just wanted to get that off my chest after being deprived of the computer’s use for most of my free hours of the day.


And If I can get this posted I know some wise a.. tech guy is going to say: “gee it seems to be working now”. And, yes, I guess it is — now  (for how long I don’t know) .

P.s. P.s.

And Happy Birthday to me — I turned 61 yesterday (the 13th).