Paul let his name be used under the racist banner — he’s out (even if he wins Iowa); may the party who can pay off the national debt win

December 24, 2011

It really makes no difference that Ron Paul is or might be a racist since he had no chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination, despite his strong poll showings. And it makes no difference that he let newsletters go out under his name years ago that expressed some true fears and true feelings of white people, mixed with outright bigotry, but it is sad nonetheless that Paul, either is a racist or that he had the poor judgment to let his named be tarnished by racists.

But that’s the trouble with Libertarians. Even though they have some good ideas, such as freedom for all without government interference, staying out of unnecessary wars, and supreme personal responsibility, their ranks seem to be filled by eccentrics (Paul may be one himself), and now we see racists.

As far as stoking the fires of racial animosity in the old Paul newsletters (which he has disavowed): The problem is that there is a bad element in all races — Caucasians, Blacks, Asians, whatever. But in some cases that bad element in Black society has in our history here in the United States used the cover of Civil Rights and discrimination claims to practice their bad deeds.

In turn, a super liberal element, stands up for them, not so much to help them or others of their race, but for their own power.

So there may have been some truth in the Paul newsletters of old, not actually written by Paul, but unfortunately it was racism and his association with it disqualifies him for ever being president of the United States.

Sorry Mr. Paul.

Another one down.

It will be Romney vs. Obama, trust me.


Obama has had a major victory with the Republicans wanting to take more money out of our paychecks, while decrying taxes on the rich. They had to back down in the face of public pressure. I have oversimplified this, true. There is some merit to wanting a long-range plan to pay off the deficit. But I think the Republicans are more interested in tax breaks for the rich people who put them in office than to pay off the debt. The Tea Party wants to pay off the debt, but they don’t want to be taxed. Go figure.

There needs to be a compromise that reduces wasteful government spending and at the same time provides a plan to pay off that debt and never run up a new one. Debt is ruinous as much to a nation as it is to a family.

May the political party who can actually tackle this problem win.

P.s. P.s.

Back to racism. It is true that some of our respected politicians (most of them retired and dead now) engaged in racism in the past and went on to become civil rights champions. But Paul’s taint only dates back to the 90s.