Fiorina helping to turn a myth to a meme?

September 18, 2015

If Carly Fiorina is for real, she just might be the best hope for the GOP going up against Hillary Clinton.

I actually had felt that she was a little too reserved during Wednesday’s debate, even though she ended with a flourish, but much of the buzz seems to be about her.

However, I think Jeb Bush could do well against Hillary. That’s because Ms. Clinton is continuing to be plagued, rightly or wrongly, by the email flap, and by the continuing narrative that she lacks genuine personality, again rightly or wrongly, well probably rightly.

Bush comes across to me as a moderate to conservative, playing to the conservative crowd, as is the Bush family M.O.

But back to Fiorina:

One New York Times columnist was not so impressed, writing:

“She showed dignity when asked to respond to Trump’s put-down of her looks, and she showed a basic mastery of detail that anyone who spends a day googling world events could acquire.”

But of course that is what clever people do when they are new to something, they bone up.

I always am puzzled though when I hear that candidates, seasoned politicians, have to bone up on things. I mean where have they been? Why are we going to people who lack sufficient knowledge already?

But if Fiorina progresses and especially if she goes up against Hillary we will get a better picture of how up to date she is. She is an excellent speaker. And she seems to have a flair Hillary lacks.

Fiorina brought some chilling humanity into the Planned Parenthood controversy but I think she may have been using that old trick of conflating various pieces of propaganda into one claim that there is some horrible video out there with unspeakable acts on live babies somehow connected with Planned Parenthood, challenging Ms. Clinton and others to watch it.

Who would want to watch such a thing? But in trying to do a little research so I could know what I am writing about I could not find it. While I have to be somewhat relieved I did not, I am a little disappointed that Fiorina would use such a trick, if that is what she was doing.

It appears to me that she herself has never have seen such a video and is only going on the anti-Planned Parenthood narrative. What I found on the net was one video of people talking in a restaurant over a meal and wine and they were apparently talking about gathering stem cells from aborted fetuses that are used in medical research. Now that is a ghoulish subject and why these people would want to discuss it in such a setting is a puzzle to me. I guess to them it’s just business. And I think one of them was a plant from the anti-Planned Parenthood forces (a sting operation if you will).

This is an issue of course because Planned Parenthood is a major abortion provider and receives government funding. Planned Parenthood also provides other women’s health services. The U.S. House of Representatives today passed a bill to block Planned Parenthood funds.

There are apparently several videos cobbled together with stock footage and comments by someone claiming to have witnessed inhuman acts, but no actual footage of that.

The Planned Parenthood advocates claim that no profit is made from selling stem cell material to researchers and the anti-Planned Parenthood forces claim that the video or videos prove otherwise – at least I think that is how it goes.

But what I am getting at has nothing to do with pro-abortion or anti-abortion, it’s the political technique of implying or claiming something is out there, knowing few will check it out, and knowing that the falsehood or myth will just become a meme – a story believed to be true but with no basis of fact that just becomes part of the culture (something akin to the false notion that Iraq was responsible for 9/11 or had weapons of mass destruction).

Fiorina would not be the first politician to do such a thing and it may just prove she knows how to play the game or is a quick study.

Jumping as Fiorina did herself in her debate closing from one unrelated subject to another (her notes must have told her to make sure and get the key hot button points in):

I do support her idea of demanding that Iran allow unrestricted inspections on its nuclear facilities on U.S. demand. Probably not going to happen, but unless we are dealing from a position of strength as the world’s only super power that so-called nuclear agreement means nothing.

But some of these GOP candidates are a little too quick to go to war. That route has not been successful so far. And they know that the will of the American people to commit more ground troops is not there and that if they gain office they would have a difficult time mounting a credible attack. They’d be in the same position as Barack Obama.

And isn’t this how it went? Some time ago President Obama wanted to do an air strike on the Assad regime in Syria but the GOP would not back him up. And then when he did not, they criticized him. And I’m not expressing an opinion one way or the other on that plan, just commenting on the hypocrisy of it all.

As I write time and again, if you engage in something militarily, even with just air strikes, you have to be prepared for the eventuality of committing ground forces. It’s a tough decision few are up to making.


And back to the infamous Planned Parenthood video: one site I checked claimed that the video of the live baby exists and all those who claim it does not are wrong – but this site failed to provide it. I guess it’s just one of those things you have to take on faith.