How’s that new gun law working in Georgia?

April 30, 2014

As Sarah Palin might say if she were a lefty: “how’s that everyone tote a gun everywhere law working for you in Georgia?”  Of course I’m sure she would not be sarcastic about it because she most likely supports the new Georgia law.

But ironies of ironies, about a  week after the state enacted a sweeping liberalization of gun toting, a guy went on a rampage at a Fed-Ex facility critically wounding several people in a spray of gun fire before killing himself. And the Atlanta suburb in which this took place Tuesday is Kennesaw, a town that back in 1982 mandated that every house have at least one gun. The law is not enforced.

Now I imagine supreme gun enthusiasts will argue that if everyone there in that facility was toting a gun that guy, an employee there, would not have done what he did. I’m not sure that is true. Crazy people, of which he had to be one, don’t think things through — they can’t.

It was said that the gunman was dressed like Rambo and was wearing ammunition belts around his neck and I think decked out in camouflage or some such attire. It has also been reported that he had been disciplined for pointing a laser at someone in the plant.

There certainly is some constitutional right to keep and bear arms, but I think it has something to do with self-defense of the nation as well as not restricting the right to carry guns to a king’s army or the government. The Second Amendment is ambiguous at best — read it. The right to carry is tied to a “well-regulated militia”. I don’t think that means or I hope that does not mean those often crazy yahoos that dress in camouflage and run out in the woods and talk or act like vigilantes. I mean who elected them? And which group is in charge?

Even with all of that, I have always generally supported the Second Amendment. Despite its ambiguity, it seems that the prevailing mood or feeling is that it does indeed bestow the right of a free people to possess guns — but courts have ruled that there can be restrictions.

I think there are people who own guns for hunting and sport and there are people who own them for self-defense, and there are collectors. But there is also a strange gun culture that sees every man (and woman?) as his own Rambo who takes it upon himself to right all of what he sees wrong by the threat of gunfire.

Then there are the crazies or people who get so mad at something that they latch onto this Rambo fantasy and decide to get their 15 minutes of fame in a deadly manner.

Yeah, and what if everyone was packing in the Fed-Ex plant? What a shooting spree that might have been.

I hope everyone who was wounded survives.

I continue to support the right of individuals to own guns, but I don’t think carrying them everywhere like in the old westerns is the way to go for society.