Can’t stand Trump, but I liked his answer to the last question…

October 9, 2016

If Donald Trump had handled things like the answer to the last (silly) question from the audience in tonight’s presidential debate I think he would have a better chance and/or would be more respected by more people. But it is way too late now and he has said to many horrible things and conducted himself atrociously, inciting riots and bad feeling, and promoting bigotry and disrespect for women.

But anyway, I thought the question of whether either candidate could find anything positive to say about the other was asinine. And again this was an audience question. I mean when you are running against someone it should not be your task to build them up.

But faced with that question, the usually inarticulate trump who shoots from the hip and uses gut reaction may have done just that but I think he came up with the right answer:

He said Hillary is a fighter and never gives up and even if he does not agree with her he respects her for that.

Of course he did threaten to prosecute her and throw her in jail if he were to be elected president earlier in the debate.

On the other hand, Hillary was really put on the spot, for what could you say positive about someone so childish and evil as Trump?

All she could come up with is he has nice kids (and I don’t know that to be true or not).

I missed the first debate but heard about Trump’s constant sniffling. He did that tonight. I don’t know what is up with that? A health problem? Cocaine (that had been suggested by someone after the first debate — in jest? I don’t know). Tonight he sounded like a sniveling little kid caught in the act doing something bad and then trying to deflect the blame off himself by claiming all he did is engage in locker room talk (the tape where he talks about groping women and grabbing their genitals), while he accused Bill Clinton, former president and the husband of his opponent Hillary Clinton, of actually raping women, and of Hillary enabling him and intimidating his accusers. Hillary did not give a direct response to that as far as I heard. And there are women who have publicly stated that the former president attacked them.

Trump also accused Mrs. Clinton of destroying emails after they were subpoenaed by investigators in the email scandal. As I understood it, her response was that only personal emails were destroyed, but I don’t know the status or the details of all that. I mean if she destroyed any that were subpoenaed that would seem wrong.

Besides Trump’s lack of civility, his worst problem is his inability to use the English language to its best effect. Like I said in an earlier post: the value of being able to speak well is not to show off but to communicate more effectively.

I believe Hillary Clinton excels in that — that is use of the language and being able to present an argument.

Mr. Trump did land a good one thanks to the recent leak of Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street that shows she said sometimes people have to have a private position on an issue and a public one. She tried to explain that away by something about Abraham Lincoln that was lost on me and everyone else. But I do see that in political negotiations it is necessary to talk one way to some people and one way to others to get to the goal you want via changing minds or political compromise. I guess Mrs. Clinton was trying to say Lincoln did that. I could see that point. Even so, it is embarrassing to her and leads people to wonder if she means what she is telling them.

But again, if Trump, inarticulate as he can be, would just stick to the issues and can the deplorable behavior it would or could have done him and his party well.

I think Trump was so beaten down from the uproar over the last 48 hours or so over that despicable tape about his bragging about attacking women that he tried to in the end be a little conciliatory toward Hillary (again, even though he earlier threatened to throw her in jail).

Could this be the new Trump with now slightly less than a month before the election?

It would be refreshing, but I’m not buying it.

Oh, and I wanted to mention, early on in the so-called town hall-style debate, it looked like Trump was going to make it devolve into one of those phony wrestling matches with the scripted verbal fights, and it actually made me nervous to think our politics at the presidential level would come down to that, but it calmed down somewhat.

And Hillary kept her cool.

And she did come across as the only adult on the debate stage.


I may be over analyzing it, but I think Trump has to be given some credit for being clever enough to answer that last question by showing he was not going to beat up on his female opponent (any more than he had) and at the same time praising her tenacity as if to say — she’s tough, just like me.