Sanders not likely to win, Hillary benefits from GOP mess…

December 14, 2015

Will Bernie Sanders lose the election because the media largely ignores him or does the media largely ignore he him because he has, so far, little chance to win?

I know some people who are convinced he is going to win but complain that the establishment media ignores Sanders even though he has a tremendous following.

Because I don’t think he as a ghost of a chance and say so I think that they think that I am against him. Not the case, necessarily, except I am not automatically for him.

I have read some of his positions as put out by his campaign and generally support many of them. But there is much more to being successful in office than stated positions. You must have the political power to do something. And don’t depend upon the masses to back you up. It is hard enough to get people to vote in this country, let alone continue to pay attention and put pressure on their elected representatives.

And welfare programs and the free cheese helps keep the rabble in line.

Also, It gives me pause that he is an avowed socialist. I am not one. I am for social programs, and I support socialist approaches to many things where it seems the most practical but I am not for forced socialism in everything.

I want most of the efforts from my own work to go to me (not all, some has to pay for government services and protection from radical Islam that wants to cut my head off, and some must go to the needy).

Still, I am not saying that Sanders could not be a good president – I just doubt he can get enough votes in either the Democratic primary or the general election.

Currently the Republican Party seems to be in a self-destructive mode, and that bodes well for Hillary Clinton.

I’m not wild about her and that is for sure. I’m wary and weary of the Clintons and their game of trying to appeal to the masses and hobnobbing with the super rich and foreign dictators and jet setting around the globe – playing both ends against the middle I suppose in an apparently highly successful effort to line their own pockets — kind of like televangelists. Clever yes, but do I have to be part of it by supporting them?

But who can I vote for on the Republican side?

Certainly not Donald Trump, and no, not Ted Cruz, and, well the list goes on. Reasonable and balanced candidates have no chance in the current Republican Party, which has lost control of itself.

The GOP might get its act together yet, but right now it looks bad for the party.

For that matter, the Democrats lack depth or imagination too.

But we are stuck with both parties because in our system third parties or independents traditionally play the part of spoilers, giving the advantage to one of the two major parties.

And now I hear talk that even old-time GOPers are vowing to vote for Clinton if either Trump or Cruz are win the nomination.

So at this point it’s looking like Hillary.

You go girl!

I just put that in there for fun.


One article I read stated that despite what you have read, Sanders is going to win.

Well if that is the case, let’s just stop worrying about it and sit back and let it happen, since it is inevitable.