Hillary’s speech like her likability: good enough…

July 29, 2016

I watched most of Hillary’s speech but broke away while I think she was winding it up by trying to personally humanize herself, admitting that a lot of people just don’t get what she is all about (well besides wanting to be president).

What I heard was not particularly rip roaring or inspiring but I think certainly sufficient. I think she can win the election if she does not get tripped up by Trump, that is his crazy antics where he says anything that comes to mind at the moment and gets instant news coverage for it — and the more bizarre and outrageous the better — and winds up distracting from important issues.

I am having a hard time imagining a worthwhile debate between the two. Trump would not play by the rules. He would make a mockery out of the whole thing I would think. He would be like the class clown or bully making faces to get the attention of the kids and distract them from what is supposed to be serious.

It is strange that the Republican Party has fallen into the abyss. I mean one of the other plethora of candidates could have given Hillary a run for the money and may well have beat her. But for some strange reason they seem to have wilted before Trump or fallen for his antics only to shame themselves.

Hillary Clinton is a much safer and saner choice for voters than Donald Trump. But it is too bad that the voters do not have the choice of a mainstream moderate who might constrain the impulse to fix all societal woes by legislation and bureaucratic regulation. I mean of course we must have the rule of law and we must have regulation, but we have to allow some breathing room.

Social activists can be people with big hearts and sensitive consciences who commit their lives to the well being of others, and they can be people who realize that doing good can be a money-making career (not that there is anything wrong with that per se) and they can be people who turn it into a major cash flow — read the Clinton Foundation (or whatever it is called).

But the Republicans went off the deep end — why? I don’t know. Maybe the party elites did get too comfortable and lost touch with the electorate. Also perhaps people who heretofore ignored politics got so frustrated with their lives they got involved and voted in the primaries or at least answered pollsters questions. The elites got nervous and fell apart and lost their party.

Hillary’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, and others, and then tonight Hillary herself, told of her life-long social activism. I think she probably has a laudable record.

I am not at all sure that her stint as secretary of state was anything close to stellar, but I imagine she was competent. I have yet to see how she is supposed to be blamed for a terrorist attack in Libya that killed our ambassador and others. That is a dangerous part of the world. And even if some little bit of the blame could be put on her for not making sure we had better security there (and that is a stretch) or for getting the details, as to motive and such, of the matter wrong in the immediate aftermath — so what? She planned the attack? Please.

I’m not the first one to write this of course, but what could sink Hillary now is some terrorist attack or another email scandal…


Is Hillary likable?

Answer: she’s likable enough.




Hillary has her finest hour; your turn Barack

August 27, 2008

(copyright 2008)


By Tony Walther

Hillary Clinton gave the speech of her life. Too bad it had to be one to endorse Barack Obama. No offense meant to Obama, but such a speech could have won her the presidency.

Okay, so I’m a sucker for the good old time political/rhetorical speech. I only followed the primary via the internet, a little TV, and newspaper, so I don’t know what Hillary’s stump speeches were like, at least not that I can recall. But if she gave a speech like that one she gave at the Democratic National Convention in Denver Tuesday evening, it seems to me the only one complaining would have been Obama. He’d be unhappy he lost.

Mrs. Clinton did everything anyone could have done to rally those committed to her to vote for Obama.

A TV commentator said “it was her finest hour,” my wife just told me.

Mrs. Clinton asked her supporters point blank: “were you in the campaign just for me?…” and went on to ask if they were not in it for all the things they thought needed to be done and changed.

As I said, I’m a sucker for the good old time rockem sockem motivating fired up campaign speech, so with that in mind I had to ask myself, why isn’t someone like Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer running for president. He spoke ahead of Hillary and did a rip roaring job.

But back to Hillary. It was not all pure rhetoric in my mind. As an example, she asked why we have to “borrow from the Chinese to buy oil from the Saudis.” Well, I think that is a point and not just rhetoric.

At any rate, I’m not writing this to recite the substance of her speech. I’m just commenting on its effect. If Democrats are not united after this, then they have no hope. No one could have done better.

It’s very possible that the Democrats may wish Hillary were the candidate now. But again, I think she sounded more than gracious and truly sincere in here endorsement of Obama. Judging from the camera shots toward the end of the speech, I think she might have even won over sore loser Bill Clinton.

My wife and I both agreed that the two handicaps she faced during the primary were being a woman, and Bill Clinton.

The only downside for the Democrats after her speech is that Obama will have to live up to Hillary’s performance. I know he wowed them at a convention years ago and he is supposed to have star quality. But maybe I’m just too old. Just like old time religion, Hillary gave us some of that old time politics. Maybe I just like the old tunes better.

But this was not meant to be a put down or criticism of Obama. I was just commenting on Hillary.

She is better off being in the senate than being vice president.

A power seat in the senate beats what one time vice president “Cactus Jack” Garner called a “warm bucket of spit” (the vice presidency) any day.

P.S. Yes, if you read my blogs you know I already used the “bucket of spit” quote the other day, but it seemed appropriate. If Hillary Clinton can be as powerful in the senate as her speech, she has quite a political career ahead of her yet. The vice presidency would have ended it all for her, save for some calamity.