Hillary demonstrates her force; chicken hawks squawk war…

December 19, 2015

Watched the Democratic debate this evening (Saturday) and the winner was…..surprise, surprise, Hillary Clinton. Did not say I bought all she was selling, but give the gal credit, she won.

She dropped in a Star Wars reference at the ending, saying “let the force be with you” in defeating the Republicans.

Sorry Bernie Sanders, the masses are not rising up in a socialist revolution.

And Martin O’Malley, no one knows who the heck you are and where you came from, except maybe in your home state. And even if you have done so many good and successful things on the domestic side in your home state of Maryland, and even though you sound like something between a used car salesman and a game show host, you have no chance.

Can Hillary beat Donald Trump? I would think so, unless the electorate has really lost its collective mind.

Any reading of history shows that Trump is a milder form (to the extent he can be mild) of Adolph Hitler.

(Hitler did supposedly got into office by popular election, but was it fair? Don’t know.)

You really cannot debate Trump, though. Jeb Bush has tried but all he gets is the smirk or rolling of the eyes and the taunting of the class bully, who in turn gets the attention of the media who seem to be addicted to the story of what he will do or say next and the admiration of those who just like to see smart or high-minded people squirm, or who prefer simplistic bombast to reasoned discussion and nuance.

As for Hillary’s chances against the rest of the Republican field, I think her debating skills could dispatch most of them.

Ted Cruz is a debater from college, but he is really edgy, kind of a reincarnation of Joseph McCarthy, in looks and tone, and there is just something about him that is kind of creepy — however, he has seen a rise in support according to polling, so he might at least give Hillary a challenge.

It really seems to me that Jeb Bush could have given Hillary a run for the money, but somehow he just has not been able to get anywhere. One almost gets the impression he does not really want the job. He’s just trying to meet family expectations.

And if Hillary could not beat Marco Rubio in a debate, then I’m just wrong about everything. I have yet to see what the allure of Rubio is.

But of course presidential races are not won simply by debating skills.

George W. Bush was elected and re-elected.

I’m severely hampered in writing these blogs currently due to a malfunctioning laptop. I had wanted to go into all this debate about should we send the troops in against ISIS and should we go back into nation building and so on.

But I would just say we need to do what we need to do to dismantle ISIS but not get bogged down in a no-win war. We do have a professional military, and a president, with the support of congress, should use that military when necessary in the most effective way possible, realizing practical limitations.

I actually get a little uncomfortable when presidents commit to some specific strategy of battle so openly or worse yet when they try to predict how long it will take and then telegraph when we will leave. You see where that has gotten us.

The general public does not help when it sends the mixed message of we must fight but don’t send our sons or daughters.

We do have an all-volunteer force, so in effect we have a mercenary military — but bottom line, worse comes to worse, all able-bodied citizens might be called if things turned too ugly.

Among the political war hawks, few have ever seen or ever will see combat. John McCain has, although from the air, but he did get shot down and served long years as a prisoner of war.

Republican candidate (with no chance of winning even in his own party) Lindsey Graham is the hawkiest of all, and a reserve officer/lawyer warrior wannabe who in the undercard debate earlier this week went into some kind of near hysteria urging the deployment of American troops in large numbers into the Middle East.

The confirmed bachelor (if that describes his orientation) seems to like to make trips to the Middle East war zone and hang out with the boys.

But anyway, for now, like her, love her, hate her, whatever, Hillary seems headed for her own perceived destiny, with the welcome aid of the Republican disarray (caused by their own cynical moves all those years ago to take advantage of the existing reactionary underclass, which have come back to bite the Republican establishment in the rear).

But just as that upstart Barrack Obama got in the way of Hillary’s destiny nearly two presidential terms ago, the Republicans could somehow coalesce around a reasonable choice and spoil her show again — it just does not seem so from here.