Merry Christmas feelings inspired out in the desert…

December 25, 2010


It’s Christmas Eve Day as I write this. I’m working out on the long line as a truck driver but hope to be home by tonight or early Christmas morning.

But all is well, even though certainly not everything has gone my way this past year. I lost my wife. But some power, many would say the power of the Lord, has allowed me to go on and not only fend off the cancer that has invaded my body but to deal with the grief of losing my wife, who was my soul mate and closest of closest friends.

As I drove through the Arizona desert last night I viewed the beautiful sunset. It’s hard to get radio reception out there, but quite by accident I got a bible story and somehow the setting seemed appropriate and inspiring.

I did not catch all of it and it was not the traditional Birth of Jesus story, but it was about a prophet.

In those ancient times the Jewish people, often called God’s chosen people, were looking for a savior and better times ahead.

And maybe a lot of us are looking for that today.

I’m no religious scholar or preacher and I am, truth be told, not a church goer. But I suspect there is redemption and better times ahead.

And I suspect that, outside influences and powers notwithstanding, all that is available now within ourselves.

I think the story or someone commenting on it said something to the effect that the chosen people had failed to heed the prophesies and warnings and suffered greatly for it.

This is not something meant to promote Christianity or any other formal religion. I just think that although most of us need someone or something to show us the way, we will never get there without our own initiative and realization that salvation and happiness is within ourselves.

Those are the good tidings I have brought you, so rejoice.


As I walked out of the shipping office I passed two men in turbans and bid them a Merry Christmas. Actually, wise guy that I am sometimes, I asked them if they knew the way to Bethlehem. Of course they seemed a bit confused. They are of the Sikh (seek) religion. But I explained I was only joking, but I just thought their garb seemed historical (they looked as though they could have been two of the three Wise Men). One of them smiled and wished me a happy holiday.