Cain may be guilty more of keeping bad company than sexual misconduct, and all this democracy does not necessarily produce leaders…

November 29, 2011

Maybe what hapless Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is guilty of is not so much as sexual harassment, or not sexual harassment at all, and maybe not adultery, which has just been alleged, but instead keeping company with sleazy people.

What is it now? Five women he has accused of lying about sexual episodes with him?

First it was sexual harassment claims, but there seems to be some question as to the motivation of some of the accusers and in my mind at least whether the so-called harassment they claim was not horsing around with the boss for favors. And now a woman has come forward to claim that she had a more than decade-long affair with him, knowing that he was married. And why, pray tell, I ask, is she coming forward on this? What does she want — hush money? Or does she just want to clear her conscience and save us all from having another adulterer as president?

I for one wish Cain and the other clowns — Michelle “wild-eyed” Bachman and Rick “I can’t remember that third department I want to get rid of” Perry, would do us all a favor and drop out of the race. Poor Ron Paul looks a little feeble, but at least he sticks with his principles and generally makes sense, even if he may be out of touch with the modern world and the needs of people who are not medical doctors or congressmen.

There are really no statesmen in the bunch, although Newt Gingrich is giving it a try and Mitt Romney might be more like his late moderate Republican father once he appeased the far right to win.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama, the Democrat in the White House, just keeps being the enigma he has turned out to be.

Come election day in 2012 it will probably depend upon what the state of the economy is and what new might be on the world scene.

The Republicans have a good chance of winning back the White House with a credible candidate, and although I guess it is still early, it seems strange they would even pay attention to some of the clowns who are running.

I continue to think a return to the old political convention smoke-filled room (except smoking has been moved to the outside now) model might be better that the drawn out primary system. Too much democracy does not seem to produce leaders.

And this occupy movement without leaders and all the chanting makes me nervous too.


Okay, so maybe the energetic and seemingly intelligent and obviously worldly, former ambassador to China and Singapore, and Chinese-speaking Jon Huntsman could be a statesman, a leader, but he has not been able to out poll Cain — so much for letting the rabble decide. (I did not mention Rick Santorum — I just can’t think of anything to say about him.)