Ignore the rhetoric from North Korea, a reaction is what they want…

April 11, 2013

It seems to me that we should not get too excited about North Korea’s belligerence. A reaction is what those trouble makers or the new spoiled brat of a leader want. He probably hopes we’ll shoot back at some provocation or even jump the gun and do something and then apologize and send them more aid.

And that is what this is all about. The threats from the north have resulted in more U.S. aid and our letting that nation go ahead and develop its nuclear weapons capability.

Just as in Iran, we should keep our mouth shut but just make sure they don’t become capable of using or delivering nuclear weapons.

Certainly, behind the scenes we should work with China on putting a lid on things in North Korea. That outlaw nation is as much of an embarrassment to China as it is a bother to us.

Maybe we should have let Mac Arthur finish that job after all. But for some reason after World War II the United States still was capable of getting into wars, just not winning them.

But we don’t need a war this time. I am sure we have the capability of snuffing out that blowhard in the north if we have to. We really should not even answer him with diplomacy. We should not dignify his foolishness.

As usual someone else has said all this better than I have and probably knows a lot more about it. I offer this link to a New York Times opinion piece: