Bush disrespected; pressure on Obama…

January 21, 2009

(Copyright 2009)

Just a little cleanup from yesterday’s inauguration. I watched it on CNN and I thought at the time I heard some boos when outgoing president George W. Bush made his first entrance, but I don’t think the CNN commentators made any mention of it. I did pick up on the idea that some folks nearby seemed to be avoiding him and he did look kind of lonely.

But my oldest daughter who lives in another town mentioned to me that some in the crowd were singing the hey hey, na, na goodbye song (or whatever it is) and that seemed a little disrespectful. I read in today’s newspaper and on the web that indeed there had been some boos and other signs of disrespect, including that song.

While I think all that was in poor taste, I certainly don’t think George W. showed a lot of respect for the nation. I’m sure in his own tortured logic he felt he did and he no doubt feels that time will vindicate him. As I have mentioned before in this blog space, he might become the Republican version of Harry Truman – reviled while in office and later, particularly after his death, brought up to the status of near sainthood. Even Herbert Hoover, usually the symbol of the Great Depression, gets some good marks in the revisionist approach to U.S. History (actually, I would like to go back and study about what he did and did not – for all I know, he might have just needed more time).

But George W’s apparent ignorance of our own history and world affairs, his inability to use the English language any where near correctly, his chicken hawk history of avoiding combat by pretending to be in the National Guard but not showing up for all the meetings and then parading around on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit and committing troops to a war of choice with no clear objectives and a deficiency in troop strength and materiel that may have increased our casualties, his ineptness in the Katrina event that led to unnecessary human suffering, and his snicker when with super rich folks joking that “some call you the richest folks in America; I call you my base”, and his attack on science in favor or religious beliefs and money-making beliefs, well all that and more is what has engendered some disrespect.

But George W. has gone back home to Texas and he is history – we hope.

No man has ever had as much pressure on him as President Barrack Obama does today.

Good luck! For all of us.

P.s. Bush’s singular accomplishment by his own admission it would seem was that he kept us safe since 9/11. I have to wonder, would another president have not? And is that somewhat akin to my next door neighbor spreading elephant dust around his house for the past eight years and bragging that it must be effective because no elephants have stampeded in?