At 67 I only learned how to pack a suitcase today; I’ve been waiting for the internet…

September 8, 2016

All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go — hey, that sounds like a song.

I’ve never been good at packing until now maybe. All told I have not had to travel much in my lifetime but when I have I just sloppily folded things and tossed them into a suitcase or bag, not because I don’t care but because I never bothered to learn how to fold things to maximize space and hopefully save clothes from wrinkling.

Guess learning at age 67 is okay. Better late than never. I was waiting for the internet. Today I watched videos on folding clothes. It all seems so easy. One rule they tell you, though, about packing is to figure out how much you’re going to need and then leave about half of it behind. That sounds right.

But beyond packing a suitcase I would still be wanting when it comes to packing a car, especially one with little space. But my dad was an expert. Slow, but he could get everything we needed and then some into the trunk of a modest size automobile. I remember family camping trips. There was my mom and dad, me, plus a brother and a sister (my oldest brother already having left home). So five of us. For as much as two week’s camping my dad was able to pack a tent and sleeping bags, camp stove, food, fishing poles and gear, and various other paraphernalia all in the trunk of a modest sized 1953 Studebaker.

Fast forward a decade or so and when my wife and I and two children went on a camping trip we could not seem to get everything into the trunk. We’d be sharing our sitting room in the car with pots and pans and stuff. Blame that on me. I was in charge of the packing.

My excuse is that they hadn’t invented the internet yet. I mean I could have watched a “How to Pack Your Small Car” video.

I’m leaving for Spain. Having everything all nice and tidy in my suitcase will be great for the many times at the airports the TSA is going to make me take things out and put them back in (I wound up doing this several times on my last trip).

If a person was smart they’d show up naked with no luggage.