How to pack, that is the question (???)

September 3, 2017

I´m ready to go but my bags are not packed. I am in the process. I have never been good at packing — never really tried to be until last year. I looked on the internet and after so many decades learned a good and easy way to fold a shirt — before that I just kind of folded them any old way. This year I am trying the roll-your-clothes technique. Not sure how it will come out — it’s in progress. In fact I am writing this as an excuse to take a break. I don’t like packing. Who does?

I’m headed to Spain for the fourth time in my life. I never had a hobby, except maybe following current events and politics, but for the last four or five years I have been trying to learn Spanish and I have been visiting Spain. Of course Mexico is a lot closer (and I have made a  few forays into that country in my lifetime (not far though) but quite frankly I’m afraid of it — too much violence and lawlessness there. Now I have had Mexican natives assure me that is not the case everywhere and others tell me if I just go to the tourist areas I should be safe. But all that is counter to what I have been reading and seeing on the internet. Of course there was that recent horrific terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain or Catalonia or Cataluña if you prefer. And Madrid had a terrible commuter train bombing by terrorists a few years back. But world-wide terrorism is a fact of life. We have to deal with it.

Well, I have to get back to my packing. I’m limiting myself to carry-on, which for me means just one of those slim suitcases on wheels and a backpack. And yet I will be in Spain for 21 days (hope to use some laundry service at one of two hotels I will stay at).

Hope everything fits. I’ll let you know. Any suggestions? I still have three days to get it done, more or less, or more like less.