We need safety exits for commerical buses…

April 12, 2014

The sound bite from an interview of a student in that horrendous truck into bus crash at Orland, Ca. (happened Thursday evening) said that students had to break out a window for those fortunate ones who escaped death (ten people dead and many injured).

There were something like 48 people on board the bus (exact number I do not know), including high school age students from the Los Angeles area, along with adult chaperones. Both the truck and bus driver were among those killed.

It was a commercial tour bus (not a school bus). One wonders why there was not a safety exit and an easier and more expedient and even safer way of escaping. And now we are told the National Transportation and Safety Board recommended requirements for escape doors/windows way back in 1999 — but nothing has happened.

Money/profit beats safety much of the time.

No we can’t protect our children and ourselves from everything and we have to keep things in balance. It’s a dangerous world. But I think this proves something needs to be done.

The reports I have heard and read say that there were multiple explosions and fireballs and people from miles away felt something like an earthquake. How terrible for the poor souls trapped in the inferno. And of course how tragic for those injured (and even those not injured), and for those who lost friends and children and loved ones. Among the dead were even a couple in their 20s who had planned to marry soon. They had made that decision in Paris.

We don’t know yet (and it may be some time) what caused that truck to veer over the median. That may lead to other safety concerns.

And I am a truck driver myself. The most terrible thing can happen in a split second out on that roadway (and I travel that stretch constantly).


And it occurs to me that the more safety guards they can install in medians between directions of travel the better. At the section in question I believe tall bushes are in the median. They are pleasant to look at but all they do is obscure vision and stop nothing from coming through. On some sections of freeway cable barriers have been installed. I think they can be effective (maybe not always, not sure).