The welfare state leads to senseless killings…

August 20, 2013

UPDATE (8-23-13)

So as it turns out that killing of a young man jogging down the street in Oklahoma was not just a random thing. The story now seems to be that it was a gang initiation. Of course it’s still senseless and evil. At least two of the juvenile suspects were black (I saw the photos) and the third one did not look black to me. The victim was white. But somehow, even though I know there is much hate or animosity between the races, particularly between black and white (reluctant to say it but it is true), somehow I doubt race is the main factor here, although I think it is a factor. What we really have here are aimless youths who are bored and have way too much time on their hands. Is the welfare state really a good idea? People having to scratch for a living are more than likely going to be too busy to engage in such things. At worst they might steal, but at least they have a purpose. Of course when things get bad enough in the economy all kinds of things can happen. Given time the whole of society can break down. While that has not happened in the United States yet, certainly a too large portion of our society has broken down. From my observation, no matter what the race, there are people who somehow think they should be taken care of just because they exist on earth and who are not interested in helping themselves. And that feeling is perpetuated by the welfare state. People who are industrious but down and out often cannot get help, but those who are not industrious seem to be carried along.

And even as I write this, in the more current news of the day, a World War II veteran in Spokane, Wa. was murdered with no apparent motive (as of yet) by a young man. The poor veteran had survived being injured on a Pacific island. Evil is always out there.


Do we live in a sick society or is there just evil in the world we cannot explain?

I write this in reaction to a shocking and sad and, well, horrific, and chilling news story I just read. Three teenagers in Oklahoma decided to shoot someone at random. They shot dead a young man from Australia while he was jogging.

Like I say, it could be these things happen no matter what because there is evil in the world, always has been.

But I suspect we do have a sickness in society. I don’t know anything about the perpetrators. But I know we live in a society in which large numbers of young people have no aim in life and no positive social role models. Broken homes are commonplace. The traditional family unit, mother and father at home and so on, is now almost an oddity.

No details of what the circumstance here was has been reported as far as I know. And it could be the break of the traditional family has nothing to do with these youngsters. I mean they could just be evil and that’s it.

In fact, we almost have to hope that such is the case. A society in which you cannot even walk, or run, down the street for fear of being shot at random, is just too scary to contemplate – drive-by shootings in the ghettos notwithstanding (and I suppose they all don’t really take place in what I just called the ghetto).

The greed at the top, well among society in general too, is partly to blame for the degeneration of social values. Those who have influence should pay more attention to social values rather than more and more money – but of course money is important, don’t get me wrong.

Along these lines, I just read a story this morning about the richest members of Congress. And you know that is probably the reason they are in Congress – to use their influence to get rich. They should use it to preserve our social fabric or save it.

That link to the chilling story: