The terror in Barcelona: bigotry, racial and religious intolerance over the world added to hopelessness fuel such attacks…

August 17, 2017

The war on terror seems unwinnable. Today there was another terror attack in Europe with a car plowing through Barcelona’s main tourist area and at latest report as I write this several dead and many injured. The car was said to weave in and out as if to catch as many people as possible.

(And this right after a home-grown car-through-the crowd attack in the U.S. the other day)

And the Barcelona incident is ongoing with it just reported (again as I write this or actually as I just initially posted it) that two police officers were run over at a checkpoint in a separate incident.

Military operations or military operations alone will not solve this problem. Right now it is assumed that this was the work of Islamic terrorists (not at all sure on that).

But then we just had that incident in Charlottesville, Va. where some misguided white boy loser plowed his car deliberately into pedestrians — he was all fired up with white nationalism. As an aside, he was reported to be an army basic training drop out.

So if there is any connection here it is people, particularly young people, filled with hopelessness will resort to terrible causes and others will take advantage of that to enhance their own power.

What can be done? In the short run, other than to be vigilant not much. But in the longer run things must be done worldwide to bolster opportunities for all. Nations and economies, no matter where they are — even right here at home — controlled by oligarchies foster the hopelessness. Tribal factions, such as in the Middle East, foster it too.

Supporting or in any way giving comfort to racial and religious bigotry, whether it be Islam vs. Christianity or Islam and Christianity vs Judaism or whatever, or being accommodating to white nationalism is detrimental to a peaceful world.

We in the democratic nations should take care not to elect bigots to office.


Again, it has not been determined as I write this who was behind the Barcelona attack. It is true that there is an ongoing separatist movement in which some want Catalonia, of which Barcelona is the capital, to declare its independence from the rest of Spain. But so far I have read nothing to indicate that has anything to do with today’s incident. A headline I just read in the Spanish newspaper El PaĆ­s said it is assumed Islamic militants are behind the attack.