Desperate people or pirates shoot at rescue boats

August 29, 2017

Reports yesterday indicated that in some instances people desperate to escape the Texas flooding were in such a panic that some were shooting at rescue boats if they did not stop but that might not have been the correct interpretation of what is going on — I am not sure. This morning I read that it was really basically pirates trying to steal the boats. How could people do such a terrible thing? The answer: bad people are always bad people.

But for the most part in seems to be a story of human survival and people working together in a flood (and general weather catastrophe) of what can only be described as being in biblical or near biblical proportions.

In my last post I suggested the full resources of  the U.S. military should be deployed or that is as much as possible. From a report I just saw in CNN it appears that the military is responding and is ready to increase its response at any moment.

(All of the Texas National Guard had already been called out by the governor.)

I don’t think I have seen a flood like this in my lifetime (68 years) in the United States.

And I don’t know about you, but I was surprised to discover from the reporting that Houston is the third largest city in the nation. And why do they build cities on swamps?

This storm and its flooding is spread throughout the entire Gulf Region of Texas and threatens Louisiana too. Texas has never seen such flooding in its recorded history.

The president is due to inspect some of the region today. I did hear the director of FEMA pledge that they are on top of the situation and would likely have to remain so for “years” in the recovery situation. Talk yes, but a good message. This is a time when the Trump administration could prove itself worthy — good luck with that but it could happen. For the sake of all those affected and us all, I hope so.

Don’t want to get into Trump politics now except to say if he would stick to more formal (some call them teleprompter) messages he would do us all a favor.