If Trump knew what he was doing, he’d shut up…

August 10, 2017

Nothing has changed really since my last post — two crazy men still face off threatening nuclear war, Kim Jong-un of North Korea and President Donald Trump of the U.S.

For someone who prides himself as a tough negotiator Trump seems inept to me. He couldn’t get the Obamacare repeal and/or replacement through (good I guess), and there was that what seems to have been a useless air raid in Syria (I mean what was the result?), and the wayward armada sent to North Korea as a show of force (but it stopped off at Australia along the way (someone forgot to send the admirals the memo) — how’s all that working out?

The big problem is this: our president can’t shut up and keep himself off Twitter. Kim Jong-un of North Korea threatens nuclear holocaust and Trump threatens the same back.

(A Trump apologist on radio I heard claimed Trump never used the word “nuclear” but c’mon we know what he means — it must be hard having to defend Trump, but your audience demands it. “Fire and fury like the world has never seen” is what Trump said we would meet an attack by North Korea with. And actually the U.S. once used the nuclear fire and fury — on Japan, two times — and so far has been the only nation to do so.)

Certainly some kind of statement answering North Korean threats is in order but it needs no more in it than we (the U.S.) will defend ourselves. And perhaps a statement — like one on TV as some past presidents have done — to the American people to rest assured we have a mighty defense system and we are capable and willing to use it to defend ourselves.

And now I read Trump is even threatening a preemptive strike against North Korea.

I would think people who are good at negotiations would keep their cards close to their vest and say very little and not lock themselves into any position.

The more Trump threatens and brings himself down to the level of Kim Jong-un the more he traps himself into A. making good on a threat and perhaps triggering a nuclear conflagration involving not just North Korea and the U.S. but China and Russia, who both might feel obliged to join on the side of their nominal ally, or B. having to back down and be in the same position as poor Barack Obama who drew his lines in the sand and then stepped back himself.

Teddy Roosevelt was right: “speak softly but carry a big stick”.

In reality we should be prepared and we should be doing lots of things behind the scenes but other than that ignore the crazy man of North Korea.

And now if we could only ignore our own Crazy man, Trump.


I would not rule out some type of preemptive strike on our part. Hope it is not necessary. But better to do it and have a good chance to be successful than to talk about it.