Trump the school yard bully…

January 25, 2016

For a country that seeks out bullies in school yards to punish, having Trump as a nominee is embarrassing.

I could build a post out of this comment I just picked up off the web on the MSNBC site, but really I could not express this any better, other than some Trump supporters might say going after school yard bullies is something akin to political correctness which they abhor (and which in and of itself I admit is hard to defend, political correctness that is).

But really the Trump phenomenon is like the school yard bully thing in a way. People are attracted to what they perceive as power and are quite willing to put up with the ill-treatment of others as long as they are not the “others”, or in fact, they rally around the bully to gain his favor so they themselves do not become the next victim.

If you’ve watched the GOP presidential candidate debates you have seen the spectacle of some of the candidates doing just that — they are scared that Trump will turn on them and call them names and embarrass them in front of the millions.

Or, perhaps just as bad, good people stay silent.

It looks as though now much of the so-called Republican establishment, who Trump is supposed to be bucking (or .ucking), is caving into him, seeing is victory inevitable and at least perhaps a safeguard against the liberal extremism of Bernie Sanders (and to a lesser extent Hillary Clinton).

The German elites/industrialists preferred Hitler over the mobs that included communists and threatened their property and way of life. And they thought wrongly that they could control Hitler.

And back to the present and some of the cowering candidates:

They watch the good boy, the good student, Jeb Bush try as he will to stand up to the bully only to be shot down with childish taunts. But words do hurt (the sticks and stones comparison notwithstanding).

Trump does not use reason or evidence to make his points or accusations, he just calls people names or degrades them and denies any charges against himself or ignores facts. And his language is not at all eloquent. His vocabulary seems rather scant for an educated man. I realize he may be trying to connect to the “common man”, but I live in a world of common men, many of whom express themselves much better.

And besides, as for myself, I don’t want a common man or woman for president.

But really, the observation by Jeannie, whoever she might be (I assume she) pretty much says it all.

The Trump phenomenon is indeed strange and scary too.