‘Trump forces Obama’s hand on birther issue’, or at least that is the headline The Donald was Looking for…

April 27, 2011

The Donald may think he has scored by forcing the president to release the birth certificate.

It would seem that the birther issue should now be put to rest now that President Barack Obama has released what has been called his “long form” birth certificate, but I’m sure the diehards will continue to persist that it is a forgery and there is some grand conspiracy, and the anti-Obama hate machine crowd got what it wanted anyway, the storyline that Obama was not born in the United States. This has been imprinted in the brains (or what passes for them) in the minds of those who are a little too willing to believe the worst of the first black American president.

(Of course I have to admit I still cannot say for sure whether Obama was born in the U.S. anymore than I can say any one of you were. I’m told I was, and I have a copy of my own birth certificate handed to me by a San Francisco city employee.)

And Donald Trump, who is unofficially a Republican presidential hopeful, can now crow, and already has, that he forced Obama’s hand in the disclosure. Talk show host Dennis Miller was telling his listeners that Trump stared down the president on the issue and the president blinked. This is the first time I ever heard Miller (whom I only recall as a comedian on the old Saturday Night Live, along with some announcing in the NFL) on his talk show. He apparently appeals to the macho guy America hang tough crowd (and I’m not against America hanging tough, necessarily — whatever that means), and thinks it shows Trump has the, well, guts, to deal with China (Iran?) and so on and not back down.

Miller suggested the whole birther charge was just a trick by Trump to get the president to back down from something.

I am still puzzled why Obama did not disclose the actual official birth certificate in the first place, even though it might be unfair to make him do it when it is not asked of other candidates — what could it hurt? But then again, I’m thinking most of those who were adamant about his being foreign-born may have had more on their agenda then just checking the boxes for presidential requirements — racism???

But I have blogged a few times about the fact that heretofore, despite reports he had actually released his birth certificate, in reality he had not. Otherwise it would not be news that he has just done so. I think, unless I missed something, the mainstream media was negligent or sloppy in not clearing up the issue and erroneously reporting that despite calls for Obama to release his birth certificate, he already had. No he had not.


I realize the earlier document that Obama issued may or may not have sufficed as legal proof under Hawaiian standards, but assuming all have just one actual birth certificate (long form) then that is what people mean by birth certificate.

P.s. P.s.

Of course Trump is now on to another foolish issue about the suggestion that Obama was actually a poor (as in grades) student before getting into Harvard  (with no evidence one way or another introduced, just innuendo), I think the undertones of which are that Obama gets a pass as just one hell of a smart guy from the “liberal” media and maybe a slam against affirmative action, whether Obama was ever the recipient of it or not — but he is half black.

(Obama’s predecessor, the first MBA president, was a notoriously lackluster student, but then again, no one ever suggested otherwise.) 

Maybe those who have it out for Obama can now hound him to release his academic transcripts from pre-school forward.