Trump/McCain flap prompts waste of words; wounded vets should get 100 percent taxpayer funded health care

July 21, 2015

A check of the news this morning reveals that the whole Donald Trump/John McCain flap was just a crazy diversion not worth all the words and time it took to write the words about it. Both men have made up, sort of.

McCain had said that Trump attracted “crazies” and Trump had seemed to suggest that McCain was not really a war hero, that all he did was to get captured by the enemy.

But both since have made halfway conciliatory remarks towards each other — blah, blah, blah…

But since I already had drafted some more words on the subject:

As much as most people want to criticize Donald Trump for his impolite and wild accusations and name calling, some also begrudgingly seem to admire him because most candidates are so caught up in trying to please everyone they lose any sense of position on anything, they just try to tell the audience what they want to hear.

That said, this does not mean that Donald Trump has anything important to say.

I criticized him myself for his callous remarks about John McCain and his time as a POW. Trump had said or implied that McCain was no hero, he just got taken prisoner and that those who escape being captured are somehow due more respect. But as I pointed out in my last post on the subject, McCain did more than just get captured. By all reports he handled his capture in a brave way and would not cooperate with the enemy. Others reportedly did. And who knows what you or I would do in the same spot? But I also said I don’t know if McCain is a hero (I think I said that). But heroism can be subjective and the word is overused and misused.

I lost sight of why Trump lambasted McCain and then realized it was because McCain had bad mouthed Trump who I think he said stirs up the crazies or something like that. So Trump fired back. A kind of pissing match.

Trump has so far refused to apologize for his McCain remarks (well now he has in a way) and has accused McCain of doing nothing for veterans.

I don’t know what McCain has done or not done for veterans, but for my part, anyone who has been seriously injured in a war fought for the United States (and war includes any military action taken by our government no matter how it is officially classified) deserves the best medical attention at tax-payer cost. And for the life of me I cannot see why any of our presidents have not issued executive orders to that effect, separation of powers and constitutional powers notwithstanding.

And that is all I want to write about Trump for a while. Writing anything about him is probably a waste of time…