Instead of Obamacare, he might have pushed veterans care…

May 27, 2014

I think I’ve yet to write anything real favorable about Obamacare and yet I am not against it. But the best I could do is give it faint praise, maybe. But now that Memorial Day is over, along with all the symbolic gestures toward veterans (well specifically war dead in the case of Memorial Day, a kind of fraternal twin of Veterans Day), what are we really doing for those who survive war in the service of their nation?

Apparently not enough, what with the current scandal going on in the Veterans Administration hospitals, with purported secret waiting lists to protect those in charge from accusations of mismanagement. But if there were not enough funds to provide enough staff why didn’t those managers work harder to push for funds rather than create secret waiting lists? (because their job is more important to them than the veterans.)

And it is reported that President Obama was “madder than hell” when he heard about the most recent VA scandal. Well actions speak louder than words or descriptions of how mad you are. Unless the reports are erroneous, it seems Mr. president that you have failed on your watch to take care of those veterans to whom you now claim in this just-past Memorial Day observance¬†we owe a “sacred obligation”.

Seems to me that rather than push Obamacare you should have pushed veterans care. I have been hearing for years that there were major problems with the VA (although I have also heard reports from some who utilize the VA hospitals that care is good, but I don’t think any of them were severely wounded or suffering from PTSD).

And before that, on George W.’s watch, there were reports of veterans being denied care or being charged for care because they had been called up from the reserves or National Guard and somehow did not qualify — absurd and shameful!

And shame on all war mongers for not making it their first priority to make sure that wounded (physically and mentally) veterans are taken care of. A lot of lip service and not enough action.