Lawless arrested in Oregon, one death…

January 27, 2016

It’s too bad there was one death in the Oregon armed standoff, someone who was on a federal warrant is the report I read, and the exact circumstances not known at the time of this writing, but several of the others of the lawless band who somehow think they do not have to play by the rules as the rest of us were arrested Tuesday in Eastern Oregon.

I have no sympathy with these vigilante/militia types who claim to be demanding constitutional rights — as far as I can see they just want to cause trouble. Why do the people they claim to represent say they want no part of them?

You can read the details in news accounts and I am no expert on it all but I have read accounts and heard an interesting interview with a rancher on the radio who said that while he and many of his fellow ranchers have issues with federal officials over the use of federal lands they prefer to settle things within the confines of the law and peacefully.

More than a year ago, a 20-year dispute between a rancher named Cliven Bundy and federal authorities in Nevada came to a head. For some reason he felt he should not have to pay to graze his cattle on federal land and the feds were rounding up is cattle.

But then the militia (the civilians who might be seen running around in camouflage with guns) showed up and it got to be a bit much even for Bundy.

But then, his son I guess it is, Ammon Bundy and others began an armed protest more recently on the behalf of a couple of other ranchers who ran afoul of the law over federal lands, but they said Bundy and his band did not represent them.

So as far as I can see what we have here is one group of people who may have gripes with the federal government but who believe in law and order, and another group who feel they determine what the law is, and possibly have way too much time on their hands.

The report I read indicated there were no casualties among the peace officers involved. Thank goodness.

Ammon Bundy’s brother Ryan was said to have been injured.