Cell phone use and texting should be banned from public schools…

November 15, 2010

This cell phone/texting thing among teenagers, especially in school , has gotten way out of hand.

I’ll make this simple: There is no reason for students to have cell phones or at least no reason for them to use them while school is in session.

Emergencies can be handled in the old, but quite reliable and just as expedient way of calling the school office and notifying the student.

Having students taking calls or texting while they are supposed to be listening to their teachers or otherwise doing school work is too distracting and a waste of taxpayer dollars that go into financing the school system.

Cell phone etiquette (or lack of it) and addiction is a societal problem that runs through all age groups.

In my own work as a long haul truck driver I have come to depend upon the cell phone and probably use it when I do not need to or should not, maybe — I do have the hands-free blue tooth thing.

In fact I am writing this blog now because I am broke down on the side of the road and am waiting for help. My own cell phone would not get out, but a fellow trucker stopped and I used his — later, mine decided to get out. I think this computer is working — not sure. So yes, I am not immune to the cell phone need and addiction (I use my computer mobile through a cell service often).

I fully accept the technology, but there needs to be etiquette and common sense used.

I was hearing about the cell phones in the schools problem and rules the schools try to enforce on a talk radio show. This is not the first time I have heard about this, but it reminded me of the problem and irritated me no end.

I fear that due to the timidity possibly of some school officials and the lack of discipline and common sense among parents, who seem to think their little darlings should be able to do most anything and that the school is basically a baby sitting institution, this problem may be too far gone already.

I think the talk show host, who seemed to give into the idea that teens are going to use the phones and text no matter what, commented that it has got to the point in society that two people have dinner with each other and don’t even pay attention to one another — instead they are texting or checking their cell phones or Blackberries or whatever.

But as far as public schools are concerned, the cell phone distraction should not be tolerated.